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Paid Lifeguards

Paid Lifeguards


The Australian Lifeguard Service is the largest provider of professional lifeguards in Australia. It supplies lifeguards to many local councils, national parks and resorts around the country using the organisation's extensive resources. Combined with its access to a national infrastructure that includes communications networks, specialist rescue services and the provision of nationally accredited training, along with international experts in medicine, equipment and coastal management. The cost benefit offered by the Australian Lifeguard Services makes it the provider of choice. It's services operate hand in hand with the existing volunteer network of services across Victoria.

Lifeguards and Lifesavers

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Volunteer Lifesavers and Paid Lifeguards are both highly trained and skilled service providers. As lifeguards are required to work in smaller groups or alone, and for more extensive periods, a higher minimum level of fitness and qualification is required. The paid lifeguard service fulfils a need for patrolled beaches to be accessible above and beyond that of the volunteer hours.

How do I Apply to be a Lifeguard?

Life Saving Victoria employs over 160 staff as Paid Lifeguards to protect the Victorian public during the peak summer season. Applications for lifeguards are sought annually from July to September with interviews and other recruitment processes taking place in October. All new lifeguards are expected to attend LSV's Advanced Lifesaving Camp where they undertake scenario based activities, learn from content experts and understand how to lifeguard Victoria's beaches effectively.

Appointments to beaches occurs each year in November and December.
For further information please contact the Lifesaving Operations Department on 03 9676 6930.

Essential Skills & Qualifications

  • Hold the SLSA Bronze Medallion/Certificate II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue)
  • Apply (Senior) First Aid Certificate
  • Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate
  • Spinal Management Certificate
  • Basic Beach Management Award
  • IRB Crew Certificate
  • Ability to operate LSV radio network
  • Ability to lecture/instruct small or large groups within the community

Desirable Qualifications

  • Inflatable Rescue Boat Driver's Certificate
  • ATV Induction
  • Victorian Recreational Boating Licence
  • Current Motor Vehicle Driver's Licence
  • Gold Medallion (Advanced Lifesaving)

Essential Personal Specification

Lifeguards are required to keep physically fit in order to perform all Lifeguard duties. A fitness criteria is outlined below in which all prospective lifeguards and current lifeguards are required to pass.

  • Lifeguarding/Lifesaving patrol experience
  • Proven ability to communicate effectively with staff and the public
  • Demonstrate an ability to work in a team situation
  • Demonstrate ability, in a 100 metre rescue tube swim, patient pick up and return to shore
  • Successfully demonstrate current resuscitation techniques
  • Successfully complete a theory examination
  • Successfully complete an 400m Swim/800m run/400m board paddle/800m run in under 25 minutes