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Lifesaving Services

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Since the early 1900s Life Saving Clubs have been an integral part of Australia's coastal and inland waterways, with volunteers providing education and training in lifesaving activities, as well as providing the iconic "SWIM BETWEEN THE RED AND YELLOW FLAGS" patrolled areas. Life Saving Clubs harness the support of local communities, and use a network of support services such as helicopters, inflatable rescue boats, off shore rescue boats and rescue water craft to ensure the safety of the nation's waterway users.

Life Saving Victoria has a vast network of Life Saving Clubs extending from Mildura in the north, to Mallacoota in the east and Portland in the west. Over 28,000 volunteer club members contribute to ensure that all visitors to the state's patrolled coastal and inland waterways are provided with a safe and enjoyable aquatic experience.

Port Phillip Bay has 26 clubs with another 31 clubs spanning the coastline of Victoria. All clubs offer various lifesaving activities to suit all ages and abilities for local residents or holiday visitors.

Life Saving Victoria, as a core member of the state's emergency services, also provide out of hours emergency response services. For further information please use the expanded links to the left.